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ابن السلطان سليم الأول.. إنه البطل السلطان سليمان_القانوني

هل تعرف من هو البطل المسلم الذي اعتبره كثير من المؤرخين أنه أعظم ملك عرفته البشرية في التاريخ ؟ هل تعرف من هو البطل المسلم الذي ضم إلى مُلكه أعظم عواصم القارات الثلاث آسيا وإفريقيا وأوروبا ؟ إنه البطل الذي ...

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الدولة السلجوقية

الدولة السلجوقية ــ هي إحدى الدول السُّنِّية التي قامت في إيران والعراق وسوريا وآسيا الصغرى. وتُنسب هذه الدولة إلى سلجوق زعيم عشائر التركمانية التي هاجرت واستقرت في بُخارى. استولى أحد أحفاد سلجوق وهو “طغرل بك”على إقليم خراسان سنة 429هـ حيث ...

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Halwa turc حلوة الترك Recette de halva Turk

Les premières mentions du halva est une ancienne recette stambouliote datée de 1473 dans les registres de cuisine du sultan Mehmed II qui appréciait particulièrement le helvâ-i-hakani (helva du souverain). Au xve et xvie siècles, les documents impériaux font mention ...

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Hâjj Ahmad Pâshâ, dessin de J. Lavée, d’après une photographie au daguerréotype, prise à Alger. Hâjj Ahmad ne concevait pas de se faire photographier. C’est sur l’insistance du docteur Guyon qu’il finit par l’accepter. La planche accompagne l’atlas annexé à ...

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Louis van Gaal wears SUNGLASSES in the Man Utd dugout – Twitter finds it hilarious

The fashion styles of Premier League managers is often discussed.

You've got Quique Sanchez Flores' suave Spanish style. Tony Pulis' on-trend nylon tracksuit look. Jose Mourinho's fondness for Victoria's Secret underwear .

But one man has just topped the lot in the style stakes: step foward Mr Louis van Gaal !

The much-maligned Manchester United manager took to the Red Devils' dugout for the game against Norwich in arguably the most stylish sunglasses the Premier League has ever seen...

Stephen Pond

What a powerful look.

Stephen Pond/Getty Louis van Gaal and Jos van Dijk, training physiologist are seen
"Come with me if you want to live..."

Unsurprisingly, it sent the people of Twitter into absolute meltdown - some joking, some laughing, some ABSOLUTE ANGER DAT MAN U AREN'T WINNING EVERY GAME AAAARRGGHHHH. You know, the usual.

Have your say in the comments section below

There were jokes...

Van Gaal looking like the guy from the southern comfort adverts. Worst manager about pic.twitter.com/wr07NseotV

— Mark Tilbrook (@tillytweets123) May 7, 2016

Just switched on the Norwich United game. Has Van Gaal borrowed his wife's sunglasses? pic.twitter.com/XV5HPFGpuD

— Chris Cohen (@Chris_Cohen) May 7, 2016

Shades to block out all the haters pic.twitter.com/8wl9DdHIcT

— TheODDSbible (@TheOddsBible) May 7, 2016

I swear Van Gaal has the same sunglasses as me that cost £1 from primark

— Gillian Loney (@ItsGeds) May 7, 2016

Some laughter...

Hahahaha Van Gaal

— Ashish Jha (@DareToZlaataan) May 7, 2016

Van Gaal in Thug Life shades

— Dave Norton Sound (@dav_norton) May 7, 2016

Seeing van gaal wearing sunglasses has made my day

— gra¢e (@gr4cecollier) May 7, 2016

Van Gaal wore sunglasses

— Osahon A (@sahon_A) May 7, 2016

And bizarrely a bit of appreciation

Love van Gaal rocking the sunglasses: very 90s Serie A manager look there #normun

— Arshia Hashemi (@arshhashemi) May 7, 2016

Fair play to Van Gaal for having the audacity to wear those sunglasses. Lol

— Rob (@kalyangoR) May 7, 2016

Van Gaal sunglasses he looks like a badass

— This_Boy (@Lie_Babu) May 7, 2016

Them van gaal sunglasses are unreal. Absolute swagador on the touchline pic.twitter.com/y48zWE1klF

— Jordan Williams (@GingerJordan27) May 7, 2016

Van gaal wearing sunglasses damn handsome

— S (@yvngilyas) May 7, 2016

At least you've raised a few smiles as manager this season, Louis!

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